Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I don't swear. I used to swear, but it has been a long time. Once I had children I decided that there were certain words that they did not need to hear their mom say. I was right.

Now, I work in a high school where I am surrounded by profanity. Profanity from students, profanity from teachers, and sometimes profanity from parents. I accept this, and I do not try to change anyone. I do not allow students to swear in my classroom, and I have no problems making a comment to students who swear in the hallway. In my near decade of teaching, the profanity I hear in the school on a daily basis has never prompted me to swear.

The irony, you ask? Well, the people who tempt me to swear are the very people that should not be tempting me to swear. They are the people who are supposed to be a charitable, compassionate, selfless, and service oriented people. Yes, that is right; the people who tempt me to swear are some of  the very same people who I go to church with on a weekly basis. The very same people, who themselves do not swear.

Why is that? I wonder. I wonder a lot actually. Because it is not the genuinely charitable, compassionate and service oriented people that I see every Sunday who tempt me. It is those who I see every Sunday who are the demanding, judgemental, and selfish people who tempt me to swear. Now, don't get me wrong. MOST of the people I see every Sunday are wonderful. They are charitable. They are compassionate. They are selfless. They are truly service oriented. BUT, there is a small minority of people who go to church and just want more. They are the people who expect everyone to serve them. They are the people who never have enough and are the people who demand that you (or I) give it to them.

These are the people that cause those awful, nasty, four-letter words, to pop up in my head. And, as Young Women's President, these are the people who expect me to raise their daughters. These are the people who expect me to put my life on put my own children on bring their daughters to dances and to non-ward or non-stake activities. These are also the people who get mad when I say that I can't because I have plans with my own family this Friday or I have plans with my own family this Saturday. Or I have a work commitment.

I happily serve four hours on Sunday, three hours on Wednesday, not to mention Presidency meetings, Ward Councils, Stake Auxiliary Tranings, Girl's Camp, Trek, Youth Conferences...and I don't complain about those. I love my calling. I love serving. I love these Young Women. And when in the service of my calling, I will happily help in any way I can.

Now, I don't blame the parents for the words that pop into my own head. I am accountable for my own thoughts. But I DO ask these parents who cause yucky words to enter my brain.."Why don't you drive your own kids to the dance or to wherever?"

There you have it...I love my calling. I love my girls, but I may have just prompted my own release.

How is that for ironic?

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