Saturday, January 29, 2011

As I was writing

As I was writing my last post  my youngest son read over my shoulder and said, "Mom, you have a lot of favorite students." I smiled. He then said, "I know who is going to be your favorite student when I am in high school."

I leaned over and kissed his head and said, "You will be." And then I said, "You and your brother will always be my favorite everything."

And it is true. They are my favorite everything, and everyone knows it. My husband and sons are my life. They are the reason I breathe in and out everyday. They are the reason my heart beats every single day.

Even though I know that my children will not be in my class, I look forward to them being in my school. I know that there will be challenges, but there will be blessings as well. I look forward to them coming to my classroom and asking for money to go to the school store. I look forward to them asking me for a pass to class because they are running a couple of minutes late. I look forward to having the weekly lunch I plan to have with each of them when they are in high school.

Of course, all of that is years away. Right now I am thoroughly enjoying sports practices and Cub Scouts, tournaments and games, the annoying Suite Life of Zach and Cody and iCarly, and quiet nights spent watching American Idol and Wipe Out.

I am enjoying my youngest leaning his head on my arm and reading as I type. I am home. It is not quiet, but it is peaceful. I am a mom who spends most afternoons running from one place to another and who doesn't sit on the couch until after dinner is eaten and the kitchen picked up. I am a mom who still wakes up in the middle of the night to check on her sons. To put the blankets back on them after they have kicked them off. I am the mom who walks through the house seventeen times a day turning off lights that the boys have left on. I am the mom who kisses fevered foreheads and rubs the back of her sick children until they fall asleep.

I am a happy mom.

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