Sunday, January 9, 2011

I am back

I have been remiss in my blogging duties; however, I am committed to being more of a presence on this blog. I do love writing, and the three things I love most are the Gospel, my family and my teaching.

The Gospel.
I am so grateful for the missionaries who introduced me to the Gospel. I am grateful for the many friends in high school who supported me, taught me, and loved me. I am grateful for the example they were to me both then and now. I am grateful for my Savior. I am grateful for the Christmas season in which I get to celebrate His birth and His life with my family and friends. I am grateful for a prophet to guide me. I am grateful for the Restoration. I am grateful for my testimony. I am grateful for the scriptures. There are so many wonderful things about the Gospel, and I am ever so grateful for the the truth of the Gospel.

My Family.
I marvel at my family. The love we have in our home is tangible. I love the laughter of my children. I love the warmth of my husband. I love that we are teaching our children to read the scriptures. I love the Gospel discussions in our home. I love our family prayers. I love the sweet voices of my children as they express their gratitude and ask for specific blessings. We are not a perfect family, but I love the imperfection in my home. I love that imperfection because I learn from it every single day. In spite of not being perfect, I have the best family in the world.

My Teaching.
This is one of those things that I am grateful for in spite of difficulties. This has not been my easiest year, but it is the year I have grown the most, in both my school teaching and my church teaching. I have learned to set more defined boundaries. I have learned to better balance church calling and school. I am grateful to be both a spiritual and secular teacher. I am grateful for the gift of teaching that I have been given.

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