Saturday, February 12, 2011

Things I love

This month has been more crazy than I could have imagined. Between sick kids, sick me, school, church, work, husband's school and work, kid's activities, and way too much more to list, I have been crazy.

But, yesterday, I had dinner with my family. My boys and my husband. Just us, no one else. No place to be. Just us in a quiet non crowded restaurant.

I love those moments. It does not matter how crazy our lives are, the opportunity to sit down and eat dinner together is one of my favorite things. I wish I could say that we do this every night, but we don't. Especially this time of year. At least two times a week, one of the boys is running through the kitchen grabbing a sandwich out of my hand as he runs out the door and into dad's car to go to a practice, scouts, study session, or something else. But when we actually sit down for dinner, it is peaceful. It is happy. It is family. And I love it.

Other things I love:

Writing in my journal. It brings clarity and peace to my life. I love reading through old entries and remembering where I was at a particular moment. I love reliving the feelings. I love trying to remember what I was talking about when I wrote something random.

Watching my boys not bicker and argue. Those moments are not as often as I would like, as they seem to bicker about everything these days. But today, they helped each other clean the guest room. I walked in and they were folding a blanket together without arguing. I could have fallen over from shock at that moment.

Kissing my husband. The small kisses when I am cooking at the stove. The big kisses when he leaves for work or comes home. The feel of his arms wrapped around me lifting me off the ground. That is a slice of heaven.

The sound of my boys laughing. This is another slice of heaven. Hearing their laughter and seeing the smiles that accompany that sound.

Watching my children sleep. I have said it before, but the innocence and peace bring me to tears almost every time.

Family prayer. Yes, it may be corny, but I love to hear my boys pray for our family. I love for them to hear their father and I pray for them. It love the bond that it creates and the love we each feel from each other and from Heavenly Father.

I love my family. They are everything. Even when the world makes me angry. Even when the world is screaming at me from every direction. Even when the world is at peace. Even when I love everyone I see. Even when I love everything I see. I still love my family more.

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