Thursday, March 3, 2011


I was released from my calling two weeks ago. I absolutely cherished my time as Young Women's President. I learned some incredibly valuable lessons, and I really love those young women; however, I am not sad. I am ready. I know that my release came from the Lord because I have more to do elsewhere. I know that the Lord knew it was time for me to focus on other things. I am grateful that my Bishop felt that inspiration.

I have been in many callings in the last 15 years. I have served in each of the three "women" auxiliaries. I have served as president, counselor, and secretary. I have taught. I have learned. In reflecting on the last 15 years and the callings that I have held, I never felt ready when I was released from each calling. I always felt that I could do more, that I could learn more.

I do not feel that way in this calling. When the Bishop called me in to tell me that I would be released, I felt nothing but peace. As I talked with the Bishop about my release, I told him that I knew that I had accomplished what the Lord wanted me to accomplish. I told him that I knew I had learned what the Lord wanted me to learn. The last three years have been some of the most difficult years of service for me. I have struggled with some of the girls. I have struggled with some of the mothers. I have struggled because of the words which were not said to my face but said to my friends, my girls, and to other women in the ward. I have struggled when the youth could not separate the YW President from the teacher in the school. I have struggled when the youth thought they could take advantage of my in the classroom because of our relationship in the church. In the face of these difficulties, I learned on that I serve the Lord first and the girls second. I learned that inspiration comes when I least expect it. Inspiration comes for my calling and for my teaching. I learned that some lessons that the youth needed could not be taught at church. I learned that some lessons needed to come at school, and I learned that I was the only one that could teach those lessons because it was part of my calling. It was part of what was said when I was set apart. I did not completely understand the words at the time, but I understand them now. I learned to follow the Lord with all my heart, and He will guide all that I do.

I may not have been the best Young Women's President to ever serve in this calling, but I know that when I stand in front of the Lord, I will be able to tell him that I served on my knees. I listened to the promptings that I received. I can say to Him that everything that I did was a result of inspiration and prayer. I did my best to do all that was asked of me. I loved the girls and worked to teach them and to inspire them.

I am sad to leave the girls, but I am also excited to watch them grow and continue to learn under a new group of women. The girls have a sisterhood that they did not have when I was called. There is more work to be done, and I am grateful to those women who will continue the work.

Change is a good thing. A truly inspired thing.

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Téa said...

My oldest daughter just started in the YW program. I hope she has leaders who work with the same basic principles as you did.