Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Love

It must be the week for love. Another student asked me this week about love. She was working on a creative writing piece about love and wanted to talk to a few adults who were in love. She told me that she thinks it is "cute" how I talk about my husband.  She asked me how I knew that I was in love. I responded, "I knew I was going to marry my husband the first moment he kissed me." A few other students overheard this and joined the conversation. They were fascinated by my answer.

She asked if it was love at first sight. It was not. I had known him for over a year, and while I can clearly remember the first time I saw him (he was wearing a very specific silly hat), I did not fall in love at that moment. We became friends, good friends, but we were never the kind of friends who went out alone together. We always went out in a group. We talked. We laughed. Our friends became friends. All of us sat together in the morning before school started, and during lunch we would sit in the courtyard. Some of us would skateboard, hackey sack, or toss a ball, and sometimes we would all just sit and talk. It was not a group that dated each other;  we were just a group of friends who just hung out together.

In the year and a half since the first time I saw him, he became one of my closest friends. He was easy to talk to. He listened. He made me laugh. We danced with each other at school and  church dances, we sat and talked in the locker bays on our off hours, and sometimes we even ditched class together.

Almost twenty years later, I am still not sure how it happened. We were friends. We were laughing. We were playing golf, playing games, watching movies, going hiking. Doing the things that our group typically did. Then one night, he tackled me (literally). And then another night, he kissed me. I was done. Sold. Completely head over heels in love with one of my best friends. It was crazy. Maybe it was a process of falling in love for both of us. All I know is that one day, he was my friend, and the next I couldn't stop thinking about him.

Thank goodness he felt the same way.

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