Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day...

Today, more than other days, I get to celebrate the man I married. I am grateful that he is the father of my sons. This is my Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband.

My sons are so lucky to have their dad. He supports them in everything they do and he loves doing it. There is nothing in the world more important to my husband than raising his sons. He tells them and shows them how much he loves them. He is my sons' hero. They look up to him in everything they do. They look to him as their example in so many things. He laughs with them and he laughs at them. There are so many things about the father-son relationships that I do not get, but my heart is always warmed when I see my sons and their dad together. My sons tell him everything, and even though I am a bit jealous by that fact, I am grateful that my sons are so close to their dad. They admire him. They want to be like him. They love him. I love them all!

My wonderful husband is compassionate. He teaches my sons how to serve.

My wonderful husband is a gentleman. He has taught my sons how to treat their mother and all other girls.

My wonderful husband is funny. He teaches my sons to laugh at themselves.

My wonderful husband has integrity. He teaches my sons that who they are matters more than what they do.

My wonderful husband is faithful. He teaches my sons to trust in Heavenly Father.

My wonderful husband is kind. He teaches my sons to offer kind words to everyone they meet.

My wonderful husband is grateful. He teaches my sons to be grateful for the things they have, and to share what they have with others.

My wonderful husband honors his Priesthood. He teaches my children what is means to be a son of God. He teaches them what it means to be responsible.

My wonderful husband is a wonderful father. He teaches my sons what it means to be a man, what it means to be a human being. He teaches my sons everything that a good father teaches his sons. He teaches them so much more than I can ever write. He teaches by word, by deed, by example, by love.

I am grateful for my children's father.

Happy Father's Day to my sweetheart!

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