Thursday, June 23, 2011

A first

In my almost seven years of teaching, I have been to many outside events of students. I have been to happy occassions (baby showers, Courts of Honors, Mission farewells, etc). I have been to too many sad occassions; funerals of students who have died too young. I have seen my students become mothers and fathers. I have seen them graduate from college.

But tonight was a first for me. Tonight, I went to the wedding of a student. What a wonderful first experience this was for me.

This particular student did things the right way. She has never had a baby, and she is not pregnant. She got married because she is in love. They got engaged, planned a wedding, and tonight they will spend their first night living together before going off on their honeymoon this week.

Even though she is young she knew what was right for her. She and her new husband knew that they wanted to get married. They knew that it was right for them. They were ready to start their lives together, and they wanted to do it right.

So tonight, I watched as a beautiful young woman was walked down the aisle by her father, who then placed her hand in her groom's hand. I watched as they both tearfully thanked their parents for raising them and supporting them. I watched as these two young people turned to each other and vowed to love and cherish one another. I watched as they exchanged rings and whispered the words that would bind them. I watched as they were declared man and wife, and kissed each other to seal the wedding.

It is moments like these that remind me what it means to be a teacher. I was one of two teachers she invited. One of two teachers she said made a difference in her life. This was a first for me; a first that I will never forget for many reasons. The wedding had a theme that only 18 year olds could get away with. The bride was quirky in a way that only she is. The wedding was true to who the bride and groom are. And I am grateful to have been a part of it.

Even on summer vacation, today was a good teacher day.


LeAnn said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts today. I find it so much fun to connect with some of the Laurels that I taught years ago. We moved from the area but reconnected on facebook. They are now married with children that are now going on missions and getting married.
This is my first visit to your site.
Living Waters by LeAnn

Kage said...

Thanks! I love being able to stay connected with students and my YW. It is a lot of fun to see how their lives change.