Sunday, July 3, 2011


This may not make much sense, but I have to write it if I am going to sleep tonight.

Someone I care for very much was betrayed today. I am frustrated. I am angry. I am hurt on his behalf.

My friend "George" was worried about his friend "Charlie". Charlie and George have been friends their entire lives, and George knew that he had to tell someone his concern. So what did George do? He shared that concern with another friend "Lucy" and me. (We are also incredibly close to Charlie and are in the position to do something.)

George asked both of us to do with the information what we felt was right, but he pleaded with us not to use his name. He asked us to leave him out of it. I understood the gravity of the situation. Action needed to be taken; however, that action could be taken without involving George.

Actually, action was taken, without ever mentioning George's conversation with us. Things were moving along quite nicely, until three days ago. Lucy became angry at me. (I am still not sure why she was angry.) She never called me to talk about it. She didn't return my call after I heard she was angry. But, make no mistake, she was mad and wanted to hurt me. So what did she do?

To hurt me, she told Charlie exactly what George told both of us. She betrayed the confidence of George to get back at me!!!??!!!  Then, Charlie called George and confronted him. (I learned this evening that neither Charlie nor George had anything to do with her anger at me...still not sure what I did, but they apparently had nothing to do with it.)

Did she do this because knowing how much I love George, she thought it would hurt me to see him hurt?

I don't understand. She loves George, too. Why would she hurt him to get back at me?

I feel awful. I did nothing wrong, yet I feel responsible for the backlash on George. I love George very much. He is one of the most important people in my life, and I am heartbroken that his trust was betrayed.

Lucy did not need to say anything. Things with Charlie were moving along as best as they could. But now, everything is a mess. Charlie is mad. George feels betrayed. I feel awful and responsible.

And Lucy feels...what? Happy? Vindicated? I saw her today and her smile was one of sweet revenge.

How does hurting two people we both care about make her feel better?

I am angry beyond words at Lucy. So angry that I want nothing to do with her...ever again.

It was a difficult day to put on a happy face so my own children could not see the anger. They felt the tension. They know something is not right. And I really do not want to tell them what happened. I want to spare them this particular meanness in the world.


Julie said...

I am so sorry that this has happened to you. You are bound to feel all the things you said...But....dont allow this "Lucy" to get the better of you. Forgive her and move on. She will be held responsible for her actions as will you. God bless.

Wendy Williams said...

I agree with Julie's comments. I also realize, however, that it is much easier said than done, especially when someone else has been hurt. Just leave Lucy to her own "ways" and hang in there. With prayer and faith Heavenly Father will take care of it. I know this from absolute personal experience.

Faith said...


Sometimes when we are angry, we really do very stupid things. We get angry because I feel hurt...maybe find out what hurt her...? It takes time to heal and repair the damage for the whole things...but,with all your love, help and forgive her.

It is really a hard job to try to forgive someone that hurt us so much, I have been struggling with it. Yesterday, I asked for a priesthood blessing, in the blessings I was given the gift of forgiving. I do feel better now, and feel like with the help of the Lord, I can manage. I now even feel free from the burden of not able to forgive. Forgiving others is for our own sake. Hope with the help and strenghth from Heaven, you will manage to be free from anger and able to forgive.

God bless and be with you.

You are an amazing woman.:)

Kage said...

Thank you ladies so much for your kind and encouraging words. It has not been easy, but I am relying on the help of Heavenly Father to forgive. Thank you.